Friday, October 29, 2010


There was sort of a last-minute change to this outfit. I'd been planning to wear this new Merona cardigan with an allover gray and cream pattern of sort of swirly stuff. I really liked it, but when I had it actually on my body it was like... woah. Too much. So I'm returning it, and I wore this plain gray sweater instead.

Shirt - Merona
Cardigan - Old Navy
Slacks - Gap
Shoes - American Eagle

And yes, that is gray nail polish - I'm giving the trend a try. I wasn't sure about it, but actually now I like it. It's almost like wearing silver nail polish, which I used to wear quite often.

Side note: I was very excited to see that Keri of ...And I Wore This is back, and she changed the name of her blog (click to check it out). Congratulations!

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