Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Today was the day of my move! My new desk neighbors are nice, but they actually are leaving at the end of the month, so I will be all alone again :o(

Sweater - Bass
Slacks - New York & Company
Shoes - Lela Rose
Earrings - gift

My day started with a lady on the elevator saying, "Cute shoes," and the shoe compliments continued! I rarely wear them, though, because the fabric is green, navy, brown, and tan, and I feel like it's hard to match them with outfits. I have pretty much only ever worn them with this green sweater or with a dark blue top and brown or tan pants. Any suggestions for how I can get more use out of them?


Iris said...

I would be so happy to be alone at work, ahh peace and quiet...

Just to add to the shoe compliments: I love those shoes. You could try something completely different and wear them with a contrasting color top like navy pants and an orange or purple top, I think it could work and would definitely give it a try!

Lola said...

Thanks! I don't have navy pants... but I like the idea of wearing purple with the shoes! Or maybe wear them with dark denim, that's almost like navy pants... Hmm...