Friday, June 3, 2011


Since it was another quiet Friday at work, I wore jeans to the office. Also, I was going out after work with some friends :o) I hate tucking stuff in, but this top is so long, I really have to.

Shirt - Banana Republic
Cardigan - Merona
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - zoe&zac
Necklace - Kathryn Riechert
Watch - New York & Company

While out for our girls' night, I picked up a new pair of sunglasses. I now have three pairs that I really like. I can't decide which look better on me, though. I prefer the smaller ones, but lately I've been wearing the bigger glasses in an attempt to better protect the skin around my eyes. What do you think?


Nine West

Cole Haan


Taylor said...

I used to never ever tuck stuff in until about a year ago - and now I do it all the time! Sometimes it just works so much better - why are most tops cut so long these days?

Sunglasses: I REALLY like the Cole Haan pair!

Lola said...

I know, about shirt length - this one is literally long enough to be a dress!

And thanks for the opinion on sunglasses, the Cole Haan ones are the ones I just bought :o)