Tuesday, March 6, 2012


You may have noticed that sometimes my camera leans a little (because of the cheap little tripod I use), and I compensate for this by rotating the photos a little. I usually use the walls and baseboard as my guide to make them straight. I don't know what happened here, though, some kind of weird effect! Maybe I stand crooked!

Shirt - Merona
Cardigan - Merona
Slacks - New York & Company
Shoes - Chinese Laundry
Necklace - Kathryn Riechert

Also, I love this outfit. Also, my hair is getting to that annoying length where it's no longer short and cute but it's not quite long yet.


Taylor said...

At least you have a tripod - I don't know what happened to my little gripper thingamajig - got lost in the move back in Sept I suppose. Today I set my camera on the top of my car - talk about tilted! Love your colors & your dots!

Lola said...

Haha, maybe "tripod" isn't the right term, this is a knockoff gripper thing :o) I actually do have a very small tripod somewhere (how small is it?!) So small that the weight of my little point-and-shoot camera collapses it.