Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Weather today was nice... I went out with a friend at lunchtime, it was pleasantly warm and not too humid.

Shirt - Julie's Closet
Slacks - New York & Company
Shoes - American Eagle

So last time I wore this top I mentioned in the comments that I had an embarrassing story about it. Here goes: I found it at Ross, on the regular rack with other things in my regular size. I have several other shirts of this style (blousy with a banded bottom). I tried it on and it looked cute, so I bought it. When I got it home I checked out the original tag (I always like to see what the original price was), and saw that it was in my size, in maternity. This is a shirt for a pregnant woman. But like I said, I have other shirts in this style. The front is maybe a little extra roomy, but really it doesn't look bad. Nobody seems to think it looks weird or asks me when my baby is due, so I think it's ok.

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