Friday, February 3, 2012


My coworkers and I decided to wear jeans to work today. Nobody is in the office on Fridays to see us anyway, plus we were all just locked inside a room all day working.

Sweater - Merona
Camisole - Old Navy
Jeans - Old Navy
Shoes - American Eagle
Earrings - Kathryn Riechert

Going to work in jeans made things easy when I got home - I just dropped my work bag and my husband and I left for dinner.

In other news, eShakti came through the second time around and provided an item for me to review, which I got tonight. I chose the Embroidered Illusion top because it looked like something Carrie Brownstein wore in an episode of "Portalandia" (of course I cannot find a screenshot of her wearing it). Disappointment #1: the top part isn't lace or even really embroidered, it's like a zig-zag machine stitch. Disappointment #2: the top part is really stiff. Disappointment #3: It had this tie thing on the front with four very long strands that I assume you were supposed to tie into a bow, except they were connected on one side, so maybe not? Either way, it looked bad, so I just used my seam ripper to take the whole tie thing off.

Anyway, I selected the custom sizing option, but I guess because of the fit of it, it's kind of big and bloopy anyway. I'd been hoping to be able to wear it under a jacket maybe, and I'm not sure how I feel about that, what do you think?

Embroidered Illusion top

Top under a jacket

Weird long loop/tie that I pulled off

You can read a review of my first eShakti experience here.

Disclaimer: I received this shirt free from eShakti to review, however this did not influence my opinion of the products or service.


Iris Colón said...

I like the top under the jacket. I'm sorry your eShakti experience has been so lame :(

Lola said...

Thanks! I haven't written them off completely, but they'd have to be selling something amazing or have an unbelievable sale for me to try again...