Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I wear little stocking socks almost every day, but I skipped them today because 1) it was warm, and 2) these shoes have a spot that destroys stocking socks, and I just pulled out a new pair, so I didn't want to wreck them right away. What's the point of this story? My feet are very pale.

Shirt - Merona
Cardigan - Old Navy
Slacks - New York & Company
Shoes - zoe&zac
Earrings - loopsdesigns

Should not have bothered curling my hair this morning - the humidity turned it into a huge puff by noon.


Natalie said...

You are loving purple these days! And I love it on you!

Lola said...

Haha, I know, I just realized it's like the last four outfits I've posted!