Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Took a few tries to get a good picture this morning - I have a bad cold (didn't even go to the office yesterday) and in every shot I looked like I was about to die :o( (Good news: I'm feeling better already, I think I'll beat this thing!)

Shirt - Mossimo
Cardigan - Merona
Slacks - New York & Company
Shoes - Lela Rose
Watch - Xhileration

Even though I bought them last year, today was the debut of these shoes. I ordered these and a few other shoes from Payless, but it was a little too cold for cut-outs by the time I got them. I love them, though! Expect to see them lots this spring and summer!


Cynthia said...

Cute shoes!

Taylor said...

Love the color of your top! I am really into cobalt right now. Also - the shoes are adorable. Are they flats or wedges? I have a pair of black cutout flats I picked up at Target about three years ago that I still wear all the time.

Lola said...

Thank you thank you! The shoes are flats. Here's the official picture (of course they're not for sale anymore). I've seen those Target cut-out flats and I like them, but as much as I love Target their shoes just don't work for me :o(

Style Journey said...

That's a really great color on you. I am really into jewel tones right now. Your shoes are awesome too!

Lola said...

Thanks! I love jewel tones now too - blues, reds, purples, teal... They were really popular a couple seasons ago and luckily I stocked up on a bunch of clothes at the time :o)