Thursday, August 12, 2010


Today was the last day of outfits that Natalie picked out for me. I was excited about this one! She said to match a cardigan to the blue stripe in this top, and I just happened to have one in the perfect color!

As for the skirt, I had been planning to wear a longer one, but it the long skirt plus this longer top just looked droopy on me. So I went with this shorter skirt, which I'd been unsure about because it's a fold top and I thought there would be too much fabric with that plus the tie at my waist. But it was actually fine.

Also, I finally found a replacement pair of strappy, low, black sandals! They just arrived yesterday. I ordered them from, and was very happy with both the price and shipping speed!

Top - Merona
Skirt - Old Navy
Cardigan - Cherokee
Sandals - Annie
Watch - Xhileration

You know I usually crop my photos closer, but how could I edit out that cuteness happening next to me?!


Natalie said...

That is so cute! That blue cardi really makes the shirt pop!

Lola said...

I agree! The sweater is part of a twinset and I always forget I can wear it by itself too! Thanks for all your suggestions this week :o)