Saturday, June 5, 2010


My wedding anniversary is tomorrow, but since so much good stuff is closed on Sundays, and we happened to have a free Saturday, my husband and I went to Baltimore, MD for the day. We went to a museum, walked around the inner harbor, and had a lovely dinner at a nice restaurant. I had been planning to bring a change of clothes, but amazingly I was able to spend the whole day in this outfit! (I just wore regular Old Navy flip-flops for walking around during the day - I wouldn't have been able to make it even in these wedges.)

Top - Carolyn Taylor (from Ross)
Capris - Old Navy
Sandals - Bass

Natalie, this is the top I figured you'd like! Here's a close-up of the braiding at the neckline - I love it!


Natalie said...

Lola, you definitely have my style pegged. I do love that top! You could totally wear that to work with one of your cardi's!!

Lola said...

Oh yes, I will definitely be pairing this with cardigans and wearing it to work :o)