Monday, June 14, 2010


It was so humid, I really wanted to wear a skirt today. However, it might not have been the best choice, because I spent much of the morning crawling under and climbing over my desk, getting my computer set up. (The IT guys did it wrong when I was moved to my new desk over the weekend!)

Shirt - Merona
Skirt - H&M
Sandals - Clarks
Earrings - Stella & Dot
Watch - Timex

I kept forgetting to post this, but last week I was nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award by Natalie of Two Preps in a Pod. As I explained last time, I don't really write much about myself on this blog, and it's hard for me to write lists of stuff about myself anyway, so I'm going to base my 10 (it's up to 10 now!) facts on the ones my lovely nominator wrote about herself.

  1. I'll usually watch whatever freakshow TLC is broadcasting.

  2. My first real job was at a video game store. I never owned a video game, I think they just hired me because they wanted a girl in the store.

  3. I love the area where I live. I do want to move - to about a mile down the road.

  4. My husband has a Sirius radio and I hate it. They never play anything I like. My favorites are probably too obscure.

  5. I judge a restaurant by their coleslaw.

  6. I have a cup of tea almost every morning. If I'm at home, I like loose leaf tea, but for work, my favorite bagged tea is Bigelow Vanilla Chai.

  7. The first cookbook I ever got was the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. I still refer to it.

  8. I am lucky to have married someone whose family is minutes away from mine - we don't have to choose who to see on holidays!

  9. I think Fringe and 30 Rock are the best shows on TV right now.

  10. Summer is my least favorite season. My favorite is fall - and not just because it's my birthday season!

I'm really bad at nominating people for things, so if you've read this far and want to post your own facts, feel free to take the award graphic and list some interesting info. And then comment here so I can check out your answers!


DanaElayne said...

I have that same shirt in blue. Love it!

I too will watch almost any trainwreck on TLC. It makes my husband crazy!

Lola said...

Ahhh, I have the blue one too :o) And a couple in solid colors. Can't get enough of the Merona double-layer!

And yes, my husband also wonders why I watch so much TLC, considering how worked up it gets me, though he will sit with me for the medical oddity shows.

Cynthia said...

Loved reading more about you! We have a couple of things in common. I enjoy a good TLC show, my in-laws and parents live close by each other and I love Fall.